As part of a team at Urban Initiatives I worked on the Stratford Metropolitan Masterplan.  This was a study commissioned by the London Borough of Newham to create planning policy to guide development in the area adjacent to the Olympics site.

My role in the project as urban designer was to produce the physical workstream baseline report, assist in developing our strategic approach and developing options for the individual masterplan areas.

I produced an in-depth urban design analysis of the approximately 300HA site, looking at permeability, urban structure, development constraints, building uses, building heights, and over 30 active planning applications.  This involved coordinating transport, planning and environmental consultants, to collect relevant information to feed into my work.

I provided design critique for a range of active planning applications including the Legacy Masterplan Framework, Broadway Chambers and the Olympian Tower.

I developed design options for a number of different areas including the Stratford Island Site, the Carpenters Estate and Chobham Farm.