Millennials need new forms of living’ claim the waves of new PRS providers who are saying they have a new ‘solution to the housing crisis’.  WE:live have opened in New York and  The Collective have just opened a branch in Willesden. “Each floor features one large kitchen with a dining table, which is shared between 30 and 70 residents, and themed communal living spaces” according to DEZEEN.   At £900 rent per month to live in Zone 3, it seems pricey, but given that it includes wi-fi, cleaning and ‘linen’, millennials need never grow up!  Their language sounds eerily like the trailer for the film of JG Ballards High Rise, spot the difference.  Art imitating life?  Oh wait, it’s not art, it’s housing.





As this is the first of a wave of ‘new housing solutions’ we need to be opened minded as to whether this is the Smart Cities answer to the housing crisis or just a shortsighted way to build sub-standard housing. Personally, I find the marketing nauseating…but i guess I’m not the target market, looking for company whilst doing the laundry.


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