I was recently challenged by an architect on my insistence on limiting the number of flats sharing each landing. Whilst we have clear policies on this and I don’t really need to justify them, I enjoy looking into what research there is behind them. It was particularly useful to be reminded of Alice Coleman and her book Utopia on Trial (which I’ve never actually read) and Margaret Thatcher’s Design Improvement Controlled Experiment (DICE) done with her.

Anyway, a quick Google search brought up some interesting links including Create Streets take on her, a summary of her work in the great Single Aspect blog and an interesting critique of her work by Eleanor Warwick.


3 Responses to Alice Coleman

  1. Single Aspect says:

    If you ever want to know more about Alice Coleman (the person and her work) talk to Tom Cordell Director of Utopia London. He is fascinating on the subject.

  2. Single Aspect says:

    Euan, your link to Create Streets is the same as the link to my page on Psychology of Housing. You may wish to fix that.

  3. You would enjoy watching Writing on the Wall which references Clason Point / St Francis Square SF / Pollards Hill London and is presented by Oscar Newman.

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